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*** Two pickups together, not selling separated. (Dois captadores juntos, não vendemos separados)


This pickup was in Prika's Jackson Flying V guitar, she recorded the album "Victim Of Yourself" with these pickups.


The Full Shred bridge pickup (SH-10) is a bright, medium output humbucker with a tight low end, and scooped mids. The neck model is the most articulate, bright-sounding neck-position humbucker that we make—great for adding clarity to any guitar.


For nearly four decades, the legendary JB Model (SH-4, TB-4) has been the ultimate hot-rodded humbucker. A truly modern classic.

Captador (Pickup) Seimour Duncan SH-10 & SH-4 (USED by Prika Amaral)

R$ 1.000,00 Preço normal
R$ 800,00Preço promocional
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